As I was looking back on what transpired this year, I could safely say that 2008 was a good one for me.


A year ago, my beloved colleagues and I were saying that 2008 is the time to move the cheese, and so I did. I resigned and tried my luck in applying for a possible post abroad. Now here I am, inside my room in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia thinking that it was one of my best decisions ever.


I’ve never imagined that I will be a part of the unsung heroes of the modern era in the Philippines…in short, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). But don’t ask me to explain what it means because it’s not what this blog’s about. I am writing this due to one realization—that I am really blessed.


I was actually reviewing the past entries which I wrote in my friendster blog before. The transition was like a neatly woven fabric or a fast-paced story without any loopholes. I was able to track what started my desire to go abroad, the decisions that I made along the way until I finally reached the climax, which is happening here in KL.


2K8 was a good chapter in my life. I fell, I stood up for what I believed in, and I am now doing my best in order to continue making the next chapters of my life as meaningful and fruitful as this one.


And because I’m blessed, I feel I have to share my thoughts to the other people, to a wider audience who could somehow be entertained by my writings. Same thing that some people affected and inspired me either through their friendship, love, inspiration or magic. This blog will be my second home in Malaysia. Of course, the first would be my sanctuary in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur where I am staying in an apartment with my two colleagues.


By the way, you can call me Rye and I am not fond of drum roll introductions. I am twenty six tears old (old nuff) and I am an expatriate in Malaysia. I work in a call center and I am a writer by heart.


Some people may be craving for the ultimate American Dream. For me, Malaysian Dream is at par with it. I am learning many things and am continuously coming up with realizations which I may never have thought about if I am still in Manila. I dunno how to explain, but may be independence is synonymous to maturity and growth.


To everybody who will take the time to read this, who will exchange their thoughts, beliefs and opinions with me, Terima Kasih (Thank You).  






The only thing that I can think of whenever I'm idle--taking pictures.

The only thing that I can think of whenever I'm idle--taking pictures.