My cell phone’s LCD was broken. It happened in Malaysia.

I have a portable dvd player. The charger got busted. It happened in Malaysia.

I had a terrible toothache. I was up all night wishing the pain would subside. It happened in Malaysia.

My digicam’s memory card was reformatted. It happened in Malaysia.

The battery of my fossil watch needed replacement. It happened in Malaysia.



My portable DVD player during its glory days.

My portable DVD player during its glory days.

I was really starting to think that everything bad and unexpected (the worst combination of adjectives) are happening here in Kuala Lumpur, where I am miles away from home.



I was really pissed off because this place is not my comfort zone. It’s not like Manila where I can just go to Greenhills to have the LCD fixed (and I know a place where the charge is minimal); or go to Raon to buy a new charger for my dvd player; or go to my aunt’s dentist friend whom I really trust and would cure my toothache in a jiffy.


But boy, I was really trapped! I don’t know the different places yet that’s why I needed to ask, to search for the locations which were unfamiliar to me. This is the mother of all clichés…a foreigner searching in a foreign place.


So there, I had no choice. I asked for the help of my officemate for me to be able to use my cell phone again. We went to this place called ‘Sungei Wang’ and paid RM100 to have my LCD changed.

My mosaic picture I brought from Manila.

My mosaic picture I brought from Manila.



I also sought the help of my other friend to find the nearest dentist in the area. Bukit Jalil, the place where I am staying, is really not the center of KL. Gawd! It was hard to find the nearest clinic. And when Malaysians tell you a certain place is near, expect at least 20 to 30 minutes travel time. To make the long story short, I paid RM150 for the two treatments. I was given medicine and so far, I haven’t had toothache from that time on.


I also had no choice but to reformat the memory card of my digicam. I had my watch battery replaced. And up to this moment, I haven’t bought a new charger for my dvd player yet because there’s none.


Yes, everything happens in Malaysia but I have no choice but to bear with it. I am already here and I should learn to get used to the places so that I could be more prepared next time.


Every single thing which is happening in Malaysia should be a learning experience for me. I’ve learned that instead of whining, I should always keep my options open. At least, I knew that I have new friends whom I can count on. At least, I became more familiar with the places here. At least, I could look at the positive side of things so that I would celebrate and be happy, next time that something bad and unexpected happens again in Malaysia.


The facade of our apartment in KL.

The facade of our apartment in KL.