Part 1. Introduction


During our English class back in high school (that was ages ago), our teacher taught our class the importance of communication. She told us a story which I can still remember until now. I will try to retell the story and make it as interesting as possible.



Part 2. Background of the Story


This story happened during the times when the only mode of communication was speech. Sign languages and the other forms of communications were not yet invented (don’t ask why because it has to be that way for the sake of the story).



Part 3. The Story


There was a prince who was cursed by an evil witch for a reason unknown. He could only speak one word in a year so he must carefully choose what he would say. After many years, the prince met a beautiful princess and he was really astonished by her beauty and kindness. He could not do anything though; because he could not talk (he’s literally speechless, haha). After three years, he wanted to tell the princess the words ‘I love you’ but he chose not to. He opted to wait for another year to at least say her name, but he did not. He waited for three more years to ask the princess to marry him. They grew closer during those times even if he did not utter a single word.


Alas! Seven long years have passed. The prince could not wait anymore. As soon as he saw the princess, he looked at her eyes and told her the seven golden words ‘I love you, will you marry me?’


The princess replied, ‘Pardon me. What was that again?’