Why do I complain about heartburn and yet I still eat heartburn-causing foods?

Why are some people considered assasinated instead of just being murdered? How important should they be to qualify for that?

Why are you IN a movie but you’re ON tv?

Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

Why am I vulnerable to believing lies?

Why is it that the people who can make me cry are those I love the most? And by the way, can I cry under water?

Why are the two shortest words in the English language are ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and yet they are often the ones that require most thought before they are spoken?

Why does time lengthen the minutes when I wait and rush the hours when I enjoy the moment?

Why can’t adults believe like a kid and forgive like they have amnesia?

Why are there irresponsible parents who continue to make children even if they can’t provide them a good future?

Why is it easy for some people to make other people’s lives miserable?

Why did my friend once tell me, ‘If flirting is a sport, you are a varsity.’

Why can’t I sometimes set things free and let go before it totally kills me?

Why can’t my colleague understand that when he lost the one he loves so much, he only has two choices: bitter or better, and he chose the former?

Why am I forced to understand someone who never explains?

Why does it hurt me to know that I’ll never be remembered by the person I’ll never forget?

Why do they say that smart people usually have stupid hearts. Well, with the rate that my stupid heart is going, I must be a f**king genius!

Why didn’t she listen to me when i said that Mr.Perfect may not always be Mr.Right?

Why do some people create their own drama of pure insecurity?

Why do some of us think that they are the center of everyone else’s universe?

Why can’t we be contented with what we have?

Why do people forget what I did right;remember what I did wrong?

With these in mind, why do I question everything?