Dear Ruel, I hated your guts. You were the self-proclaimed bully in our class. You were the evil sorcerer in my almost perfect fairytale life. But if not because of you, I would not aim to make myself better. You called me names behind my back because I was very fat and dark (ouch) when we were in second year highschool. That ‘brand’ stuck with me and became an inspiration to make myself look better. High school life would be dull without you though. Thanks Ruel.


Dear Bien, how’s my elementary bestfriend? Hope you’re okay.  You have always been the main protagonist and I was the sidekick. I miss the times I skipped  the bus in order to ride the jeepney going to your house, which is just a stone-throw away from our school. I transferred when we were in our secondary level and I haven’t heard from you since then. Reading was our pasttime. I can’t wait to show you my collection of horror, suspense and mystery books. I hope to see you soon.


Dear Ms. Valenzuela and Mrs.Borja, both of you were the epitome of what good teachers should be. I started breathing, craving , and finding ways to improve my  English communication skills because of how you taught the subject to me. You were right, If you continue to strive hard and be optimistic, nothing is impossible.


Dear St. Jude, you really are the patron saint of the hopeless. Thank you for always helping me whenever I pray for your guidance. Thank you for strenghthening my faith in God. Thanks for being my favorite saint. I promise to pass by your church in Mendiola when I go back to Manila. St. Jude, Apostle, Martyr and relative or our Lord Jesus Christ, of Mary and Joseph, intercede for us.


Dear President Arroyo, I am not a pro or a con. I just admire you because after all the attempt to kick you out, you’re still there. Everybody wants to rule the country. Everybody wants to be in your position and they always think that they are better than you.


Kath and Me

Kath and Me

Dear Kathleen, thanks for always boosting my ego when I was down. Thanks for making me gloat with praises and admiration whenever I needed it. You also solidified the definition of friendship in my vocabulary. Your charm, wit and positive disposition enthralled me to extent unimaginable. I will never forget how you described me before — a gem worthy of being stolen. Too precious to be ignored yet too raw to be taken advantage of.


Dear Pads and Scott,  though we’re not very vocal about it, I know that we always wish each other the best of everything. Thanks for making me feel great everytime I forget that I am. I will never give up anyone of you because both of you know too much. April 2008 will forever be a special part for me because I experienced living with two of my greatest fans (applause). haha


Me and my Mug (Eloi) during our younger days.

Me and my Mug (Eloi) during our younger days.


Dear Eloisa, I miss our out-of-town trips, gimmicks and both our nonsense and our no-nonsense talks. I will see you in June. Thanks for being one of my ‘bestest’ best friends. You know me in and out. I really wish that you get what you deserve in life. I wish you and Roa will forever be happy. And I hope people will see the Eloi I know. I hope they treasure you as much as I do.


Dear Lola, I really miss you. I wish you could see where I am right now. I want to say thank you and i really love you. You took care of me when mom and dad worked abroad when I was still young. Don’t worry, we’re taking good care of lolo. I promise to continue making you proud. I always see you in my dreams these past few days. I dunno why. I know you’re already an angel and having the best time up there. Please continue to guide us. I love you, Lola.


Dear Bloggers, thanks for taking time to read my posts. One blogger commented that I am being too sad with my posts. Well, I am not. I am just being reflective. And I want to affect people in the easiest way i know–writing. Thanks for being my online companions and friends. You made it easier for me to find a new home away from home. Again, many thanks.