Filipinos are really creative. There’s no doubt about it. Some of the popular international celebrities have Filipino blood (as if you dunno about it) like of the Black Eyed Peas, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, Mutya Buena of (the former) Sugababes and Enrique Iglesias. In addition, Arnel Pineda of the rock band Journey and Charice Pempengco (her mentor, David Foster, wants her to be known as ‘Charice’) are also fast becoming international sensations. 

My friends (from L-R) Nicole, Enrique and Mutya.
My friends (from L-R) Nicole, Enrique and Mutya.




When I was still in Manila, I’ve also seen different proofs that Filipinos are one of the most creative, if not the most creative, people on earth.


  1. There’s a barber shop in Quezon City named after the popular feline – ‘Felix the Cut.’
  2. In Mandaluyong, don’t curse when you see this computer shop – ‘Hack You.’
  3. In Pasig, there’s a grill store which can teach children how to count – ‘Ihawan, Two, Three.’
  4. Many years ago, we went to our friend’s house in Manila. The owner put up an eatery which may be inspired by Parokya Ni Edgar’s hit song – ‘Cooking ng Ina Mo.’
  5. A few months later, because that became an instant hit, we saw a new eatery on the other street – ‘Cooking ng Ina Mo Rin.’
  6. Flower shops named ‘Petal Attraction’ (near UP) and ‘Susan’s Roses’; video rental stores like Mastervision’ (it’s not what you think) and ‘Leon King’ (in Las Pinas); and shops named after famous celebrities like ‘Elizabeth Tailoring’ and ‘Doris Day and Night’ (24 hour eatery) also deserve citations.


Parents also show creativity in giving names to their kids.


  1. The name of my College friend is ‘Gay Morte’ – ‘gay’ means happy, ‘morte’ is an Italian word for death. Her name simply means ‘dying happily.’ Cool.
  2. My friend introduced me to his colleague before. Her name is ‘Ma. Ligaya D. Galit.’ If you read it fast, it’s like ‘Maligaya ‘Di Galit’. Applause.
  3. My cousin and his peers were always making fun of their classmate’s name – Conrado Domingo. By the way, they call him ‘Condom.’


Television commercials and jingles are also proofs that our country’s advertising agencies are forces to reckon with.


  1. Who will forget the Seiko Wallet Jingle? – (Ready…Sing) ‘Seiko, Seiko wallet. Ang wallet na maswerte. Balat nito ay genuine. International pa ang mga design. Ang wallet na maswerte. Seiko, Seiko wallet. Seiko, Seiko wallet. (voice over) Seiko Wallet. Ang wallet na maswerte!
  2. ‘Sunny Orange I Love you. Lemon, grape and strawberry…
  3. Of course, the ever-famous Jollibee jingle for kids who wished that it’s already Saturday. ‘I love you Sabado. Pati na rin Linggo. Hintay ka lang Jollibee nandyan na ko. Panlasang Pilipino. At home sa Jollibee.’



Some of the famous commercial taglines also make us nostalgic. Personally, they remind me of my childhood.


  1. Two boys who have been neighbors and best friends for the longest time were saying goodbye to each other while eating Selecta Ice Cream. When it was time to say goodbye, the first boy asked, ‘Sino’ng best friend mo duon?’ The other one replied, ‘Syempre ikaw lang!’
  2. A son called his father in the province to inform him that he’ll shift his course in this PLDT commercial. The father’s heart-warming reply on his son’s decision: ‘Kung san ka masaya, eh di suportahan ta ka.’
  3. In this Mc Donald’s commercial, Karen found out that she’s her lolo’s favorite apo (poor Gina).


And of course our local fortune tellers have their own shares of creativity for a thirty-second of fame. One of them is this infamous lady.


  1. During the 1994 Miss Universe pageant in Manila, Ms. Venezuela was one of the most-popular candidates. Madame Rosa was asked to give her prediction on who will win. She said, ‘V will be the winner.’ But then Ms. India won. The press told her that her prediction was wrong. Madame Rosa said in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone, “I was right. V for Vumvai.’


Filipinos are creative by nature. Mary Lou Cook once said, ‘Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.’