oxI woke up late and rushed for work.

When I stepped out, I was too lost for words.

Everything has changed, it really felt weird.

This was what I hated, this was what I feared.


I saw a giant rat running like hell.

I didn’t know what it was about, nobody dared tell.

Somebody approached me and said, ‘Its time was up!’

‘There’s nothing we could do for this commotion to stop.’


Then suddenly, I heard a loud noise.

A big animal stood, I expected for the worse.

The crowd was not afraid; they just watched it in awe.

They actually celebrated; I could not believe what I saw.


The people cheered and looked satisfied.

I didn’t know how to react, no one’s by my side.

A Chinese woman approached the animal and said,

‘Year of the rat has ended; your year has finally started.’


I suddenly woke up because my clock alarmed.

I realized it was just a dream, too bad I was not warned.

Today is the 26th of January, it’s Chinese New Year.

I was caught off guard, there’s nothing to fear.


And so I woke up on time and didn’t rush for work.

I just stepped out and was not lost for words.

Nothing has changed, everybody was celebrating.

‘Gong Xi Fa Cai,’ it’s what they’re saying.