When I want to rant but I chose to rave instead … it’s jackpot!

My crush told me before, ‘Talk to my hand!’ but at least I was given attention … it’s jackpot!

When I feel good about my decision because I know it’s right … it’s jackpot!

Everytime I make my parents happy and proud of me … it’s jackpot!

My idea pours in like crazy and I can’t help but to write … it’s jackpot!

I slept for 4 hours straight during the night shift without anyone bothering me … it’s jackpot!

I’ve proven that my friends will accept me and love me for who I am … it’s jackpot!

When I haveΒ  a problem and I try my best to see the reason behind it … it’s jackpot!

I am starting to learn how to look at the bigger picture instead of making a decision in an instant … it’s jackpot!

I found an avenue where I can enhance my writing skills because I’m a frustrated writer … it’s jackpot!

Some of my prayers are answered, some are not. But I know they will be answered real soon … it’s jackpot!

Everytime I see the jackpot on every negative things that happened … it’s jackpot!