I was actually blog-hopping when I came across this site where the owner posted five questionnaires about blogging. I suddenly remembered the times when my group mates and I stayed until the wee hours of the morning to tabulate the answers that our respondents gave for our thesis. But more importantly, I asked myself, why do I make blogs?


Being a frustrated writer tops the reasons which came to my mind. In writing blog entries, there are no particular rules to follow. I can write anything I want, whether people like it or not. I’m pretty weird. Ideas sometimes come to my mind anytime of the day and I just feel like I have no choice but to write so that I won’t be bothered by these. Before, I could only write when I’m on the extremes—either I’m very happy or very sad. But now, writing is an inevitable part of me and I can’t deny it anymore.


Unlike my high school days when my English teacher gave us a certain topic and asked us to write a ‘formal theme’ for that, blogging is entirely different. I write not because I have to, but because I want to. I don’t have to please anybody but myself. At the end of the day, only I could decide if I wrote a good entry or not. People who give comment on what I’ve written or drop by my site to read and make violent reactions, serve as ego boosters for me. At least, if they are happy and/or satisfied, it’s a reaffirmation that I’ve done a good job.


Blogging gives me the chance to write about anything under the sun. I can write poems, short stories and simple reflections in life; I can dedicate an anonymous entry to anyone and will not be judged for it; I can have an outlet to voice out my angst, pains or fears; I write and write, and write until the day I decide to stop. The ‘thing’ with this hobby is that it’s not just a ‘thing.’ It’s for children of all ages, races, religions and beliefs. You don’t have to have the brightest mind, be a rocket scientist or even stand out among the pack…you just have to be yourself, without any pretensions.


And since I don’t wanna pretend and hide my happiness today because it’s already a Friday weekend (although I’d still be working tomorrow), here are some things that students do. Although Math problems and equations don’t usually make me smile, in these instances, they did.