We have two shifts in our Travel Assistance Center (or call center or contact center, however you call it).

Dayshift         07:30 am to 08:30 pm

Nightshift      07:30 pm to 08:30 am


Between the two shifts, I prefer working during the night time. The allowance that they give us is obviously better, and you can almost do everything you want. Almost.


So I made a countdown of the TOP 10 things to do in the night shift.


10.  Watch Online Movies.

One of the BEST horror movies.

One of the BEST horror movies.

This is what I usually do when I’m bored.  Though I try to watch movies from the different genres as much as possible, Horror/Suspense/Slasher movies still come on top of my list (try Juan Antonio Bayona’s  Spanish film ‘The Orphanage,’  it scared the hell outta me).  I also realized that I miss watching the usual mushy Filipino flicks. Being in Malaysia for six months, I have this urge to watch Tagalog shows and movies, which I do not usually do when I was still in Manila. Maybe because they speak the language I’m most familiar with, maybe because I’m tired of conversing in English to everybody here, maybe because I really miss the Philippines. I’ve realized that ‘Inang Yaya’ is really a tearjerker and that Marian Rivera is still the hottest star.  

9. Ghost Hunting
Horror fascinates me.  As I mentioned earlier, I love horror films. I am also a fan of horror and suspense novels. But I haven’t experienced or seen anything supernatural. Given the chance, I would like to try Ghost Hunting eventhough I’m not the bravest person you’ll ever meet. Our guard told us last week that he heard a lady crying/laughing in the lady’s toilet (now I’m already used in calling it toilet, not C.R.) around 03:00 am but we have yet to prove it one of these days. 
Making use of the TWO monitors wisely.

Making use of the TWO monitors wisely.

8. Multitasking
Majority of my working years have been spent in a contact center. It’s actually a good training ground for a person to know how important multitasking is. I talk to a client over the phone while conversing with my seatmate (that’s what the mute button is for) and verifying their records. And because we are provided with two monitors in our office, I’ve discovered a new type of multitasking in the nightshift and so far, it’s the best.
7. Pig-out
You have to stay full to stay awake in the night shift. That’s why I really find it hard to lose weight these days. Dang. As much as possible, I eat healthy foods and try to stay away from foods and drinks rich in caffeine due to heartburn.
Let's Pig-out

Let's Pig-out

6. Update your Blogs and Friendster.
Luckily, unlike my previous call centers in Manila, internet browsing here is not a crime at all (as long as you don’t surf adult and other prohibited sites). I don’t even have to use a proxy server to check my friendster and update my blog regularly. For some weird reasons though, yahoomail and chatting is a no-no.
5. Find people who love you.
It’s good to find people who could have a good laugh with you about anything. For night shifts not to be boring, you should have a once-in-a-while conversation with your peers (we despise work related discussions..haha) especially when you’re really sleepy. Believe me, coffee does not always work. Sometimes, when you’re already immune to it, you will still feel sleepy after drinking a pitcher of coffee. By the way, choose friends who are willing to do stupid things for you once in while, in the name of good clean fun.
My fans

My fans

4. Sleep.
When our manager on duty is nice and we’ve really been good boys and girls, lights are turned off and we can call it a night. First rule: Just don’t go with the light. Second: Wear the headset so that when a call comes in (which hardly happens), you will be alive, alert and enthusiastic again.
Don't go with the light.

First Rule: Don't go with the light.

3. Read Books.
I buy good books once in a while. The last books I bought were Stephanie Meyer’s. I’ve watched the movie first and I just wanted to compare it with the novel.  Since we read about a thousand times more than we write, I really believe that the road to knowledge begins with the turn of the page. Stephan Mallarme once said ‘Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book.’
Twilight and New Moon.

Twilight and New Moon.

2. Photoshoot.
Life is a photoshoot. You should always be ready because you will never know when the judges will decide. You should always try to bring out the best in you. There are no excuses. Whether you’re prepared or not, the camera will continue to roll and take pictures of you. As always, be ready. And true to these words, I’m always ready with my digicam for our photoshoot during the nightshift.


1. Enjoy

I may not have the best sleep whenever I come home in the morning due to the previous night shift but I don’t dwell on that negative thing. I’ve always believed that ‘happiness is just a state of mind.’ I know better than to complain. Whatever life gives me, I try my best to see it as a blessing.


 Life is short so break the rules, forgive like you have amnesia, believe like a kid, love like crazy, laugh til you drop, never regret anything that made you happy and of course, enjoy the night shift.