I’ll be celebrating my ‘sixth monthsary’ in Kuala Lumpur on February 18, 2009. Yey. Six long months passed by in a jiffy. And so far, I’m still surviving. Flamindevil is still alive and kicking.

From the Top (L-R) - Pau,Mom,Dad,Owa,Don,Rye,Sam

From the Top (L-R) - Pau,Mom,Dad,Owa,Don,Rye,Sam



I still remember the day when my parents and baby brother (okay he’s already 10 but he’ll forever be my baby brother) accompanied me in going to terminal 3 because my flight will be departing there. As much as I wanted them not to go because I wanted to escape the usual OFW goodbye scenes in movies where everybody cries, there was still a part of me that wanted to see them for the last time. And so the dreaded scene happened courtesy of my mom. After my final ‘adieu’ to them, she wasn’t able to hold her tears. I didn’t want to look back because I knew that I’ll do the same.


Being in KL for six months made me realize a lot of things.

  •   I realized how much I miss and love my family. I have four brothers and I am the eldest. I wanna see my brothers playing, arguing and laughing in front of me sometimes. Every time I go home from work dead tired and I bought something, I wish they’re here and go crazy with my ‘pasalubong.’ I miss how Dondon says his nonsense one liners; how Samboy massages my back when I’m stressed out; how Paulo shouts at the top of his lungs which, imho, will make his future wife aim for a divorce; how Joshua never takes ‘no’ for an answer and as a loving kuya, pinches and bites his cute cheeks because of this.


  • I realized that no matter how I say that I’m strong and I’m starting to get used to live here, I still cry once in a while whenever I feel lonely. I realized that crying is not a sign of weakness; that it doesn’t make me less of a man when I cry. Okay I’m being too defensive. Dang. I still have one fantasy crying scene though. I will go to the bathroom, open the shower and cry while I’m leaning on the wall and slowly sitting down ala ‘soap opera.’ Perfect.


  • I realized that being abroad helped me mature fast. As what I’ve said before, I’m already starting to learn how to look at the bigger picture in making decisions.  Though physically I still look young and cute maybe because of my height, wow I’m ageless according to my peers, mentally and emotionally I’ve matured. I dun have a choice anyway. Being away from my comfort zone, I realized that I can’t depend on anybody but myself. At least I can’t blame anybody and I’ve prepared myself to the consequences that my decisions will bring. I firmly believe that if I felt good about something I did as long as I did not do anything to aggravate anybody, it’s absolutely right.


  • I realized that I’m one of the luckiest people in the world because I’m working abroad despite of the current global crisis. Countless people lose their jobs everyday and I’m not one of them. Though I have clients who can really be a pain in the ass sometimes, at least I still have clients who appreciate what I do for them. A simple ‘thank you’ could really make the day of a call center agent. Yeah we are sometimes bombarded with information overload, but it’s better than staying at home, talking to the wall and earning nothing.


  • I realized how proud I am to be a ‘Pinoy.’ The work ethics which was instilled in me through my previous jobs could really save the day. Some of my colleagues are really, really, really, err, lazy. They call in sick and report for work thirty minutes after the shift started. I’m glad that call centers in Manila are really strict. At least, I could walk with my heads up high because I’ve never been absent nor late since I started six months ago.


  • I realized that I almost remember and associate every song I hear with a certain person or event in my life. Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ reminds me of a high school play; The Script’s ‘The Man Who can’t be Moved’ is a straight-on-the-face remembrance of October 2008; Jennifer Hudson’s ‘If This Isn’t Love’ and Kelly Clarkson’s ‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ gives me hope in finding new love; Secondhand Serenade’s ‘Fall for You’ makes me think of a failed romance; Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida,’ for some weird reasons, reminds  me of summer. And by the way, because I constantly listen to Mix FM here (the station which plays variety of songs from the 80’s up to now),  I also realized that real title of Sheena Easton’s very old song is ‘Long Distance Love Affair,’ not ‘Telephone.’


  • I realized that no matter how hard I try to deny it, there’s still a part of me who wants to become a writer. I did not take up Mass Communications for nothing anyway. So far, this blog has been an outlet for me to vent out my feelings. A part of me wants to be heard; wants to exchange opinions with others; wants to be appreciated. But to set things straight, I do not aim to be the most popular blogger or receive any award for that matter. I just want to write. And I write not for anybody in particular. I write to satisfy my cravings, my hunger.


  • I realized that God loves me so much. Okay. I won’t be selfish. He loves us so much. He’s only a prayer away. Just when I lose hope and feel lonely sometimes, He’s always there to comfort me. It’s true that when He closes the door, He opens all windows and pours His children with blessings. God is really too big to fit into one religion. I learned how to respect other people’s beliefs and faith as well. Again, everything happens, and will happen for a reason.


KL has literally become my second home. I love the clash of cultures, the wonderful places and the weather as well even though it’s always raining. But, there is really no place like home. Words can’t explain how excited I am to come back to Manila on June. Perhaps, I’ll just end this with the Lea Salonga AT&T commercial in the 90’s, which I realized, speaks of how OFWs like us feel when we’re abroad. I bet only a few people remember this. (wow, I realized how powerful my memory is).


‘Miss ko na talagang mamasyal sa Luneta, tsismis, balita ng mga artista. Chicharong malutong, miss ko rin ang kaong, ang halu-halo’t putu bumbong…(sigh) mangga’t bagoong.’