WTF! That’s my first reaction when I learned that Lio Loco-Loco, Ms. Winkie and Foobarph tagged me. I really am not a big fan of this Top 10 thingies because I dunno how to start and what information I should give out. The rule is to list down ten information about yourself, nine of them are facts and one is a hoax. But whaddaheck, let’s just keep the ball rollin’ shall we?

  1. When I was younger, I was very chubby, uhhmm, okay fat and huggable that’s why people call me ‘RR Herrera’ from the defunct show ‘Eh Kasi Bata.’ My mom always says that it’s okay because people would not remember that I’m fat now that I’ve grown up and I’m slimmer. Yeah right. Every time I see some old friends, they still call me ‘Rye the fat guy.’
  2. I am a big fan of the Philippine FM Station RX 93.1 during my college days. I always go inside the dj’s booth, attend their parties, and met different celebrities both local and foreign. I was able to mingle with Michelle Branch, Vitamin C, Mojofly, Parokya ni Edgar, South Border, Freestyle et al. I am also a ‘monster’ when it comes to radio contest. I got cds, t-shirts, premiere night tickets, goodie bags, cash prizes, gift certificates. Name it, I won all of them. haha. rxlogo
  3. Although I’m not a good singer, it’s my hobby to sing. I always put P.E.D.R.O.S in my classmate’s slum book when I was young and put emphasis on the ‘S’ in the acronym. Be it in a videoke session, bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, I always sing my heart out. I’m also a frustrated rapper. So far, the songs I can rap are Eminem’s ‘Stan,’ Puff Daddy’s ‘I’ll Be Missing You,’ Melanie C and Left-eye’s ‘Never Be The Same Again’ and Linkin Park’s ‘In the End.’ mic
  4. I used to be a part of the Modern Dance Troupe during my high school days. I did five consecutive back flips in a school dance contest which kept the crowd screaming because they were in awe while watching me. We also won the dance contest in our division and guested in a variety show in Channel 7.
  5. My greatest fear is isolation. I dun wanna be left alone in the corner of the room while everybody is chatting and enjoying the time of their lives. I am a people-person whew!it’s like I’m attending a job interview that’s why most of my jobs dealt with solving people’s problems with regards to billing, excessive charges and insurance. Providing the best customer service experience to clients makes my heart beat faster. I also became a product/American Accent trainer in one of the call centers in Manila.
  6. I am an obsessive-compulsive person. I always see to it that everything is in order. There are times when I wake up in the middle of the night just to check if the fridge was closed properly or if I’ve already locked the door. Whenever I hang my clothes, all hangers are supposed to face one direction and the clothes are color-coordinated. t-shirts
  7. I used to think that I will serve the Lord when I was young. I grew up with my lola who was really religious. I have been a part of our grade school choir, Legion of Mary and I attended the Knights of the Altar training. I also enjoyed participating in the Block Rosary and some other church activities like ‘Salubong.’ I completed ‘Simbang Gabi’ for five consecutive years and found out that wishes really do come true if you have faith in Him. rosary
  8. I am a proud lolo and lola’s boy. I love them very much. My parents left me with them to work abroad when I was still a baby. Lola told me and I’ve heard this like around a hundred times about the incident which made her cry when I was in pre-school. According to her, I asked her once why compared to my classmates, I didn’t have daddy and mommy around to fetch me from school. Out of frustration because she did not know how to explain it to me, she cried and luckily, I did not see it. I still remember how she took care of me when I was sick. How she strengthened my faith in God. How she fought breast cancer until she finally succumbed to it. I literally saw her on her death bed and it was really traumatic. I know that she’s already an angel guiding us, guiding me. We do our best to take care of lolo, who I also love dearly.
  9. For some weird reasons, I’m really prone to sickness. Maybe I am just not the healthiest person you’ll know. When I was young, I had Hfever and Dengue. I also had laryngitis before because of my call center job. Now I have a mild case of heartburn and I don’t want to add any more sickness besides these. By the way, I am also accident-prone. I accidentally put my two left fingers in my grandparents’ old electric fan and the blade cut it badly. Now I still have a remembrance of that fateful day in the 80’s.
  10. My biggest frustration yet: I was supposed to graduate cum laude in the University but I did not. My average was actually very much okay. The only problem was I shifted course from Accountancy to Broadcast Communications. I reached a point where numbers did not give me a natural high anymore. I did not want to study because I wanted to pass. I wanted to pass because I like what I am studying. And it is a stupid rule in our school that a course shifter is automatically disqualified from the honor roll. Dang.graduationThere. At last I’ve finished the curse. I’ve been tagged and so are my brothers (grins devilishly):