Dear Pau,

At last I was able to chat with you again. It is really hard to catch you these past few days because you lost the internet connection at home. Thank you for taking time to chat with me even though I know you went to the computer shop to play online games. I was really happy when you told me that you’re already graduating from Elementary. Sorry I could not be there to watch you go up the stage and collect your diploma. I would be the proudest Kuya. I really miss all of you. Mommy said you were still too lazy sometimes to go to school. You could not do that in high school, okay.

You told me during our chat that you would want to study in a private school but mom told you it’s not practical. I know you’re kinda envious with some of your classmates who will be enrolling in exclusive schools but don’t be. I understand how you feel because I also felt the same many years ago and now I’m just laughing about it. I know you could not fully understand the whole situation yet but I also know you could try to. Besides you, mom and dad still pay for our brothers’ studies. Just be thankful that they could send the four of you to decent schools. Hey, dun feel down. I graduated from the school you’re about to enroll in. And I tell you, it’s the best school in Pasig. Come to think of it this way, mommy could monitor your studies closely because she teaches there. When the school year starts, you would understand what I’m saying.

I really miss all of you. I was not able to watch Joshua take his First Communion last December. If I was just given the chance to go home last year, I would do it in a heartbeat. But you know I could not just take a plane and go home.

Pau, you’ve really grown up. Dun worry, Kuya will try his best to give you the MP4 that he promised. Anyway, it’s still three months away from your birthday. I’ll just surprise you by then. Try to be a good boy, okay. You’re already in high school and I’m really excited for you. Try your best not to make girls cry. Hey, what am i saying? Studies first before anything. Now that you’re turning twelve I know that you’ll feel conscious everytime Kuya kisses and hugs you in public. I’ll try my best not to when I come home in June. I may not be there physically but I’m just an email/ym away. You could still update me on everything. Just enjoy Pau because mommy, daddy and Kuya love you so much and will support you in everything. When you go up on stage during your graduation, just imagine I’m there clapping loudly and giving you a standing ovation.

‘Til next time, Pau. Again, be a good boy.


Kuya Rye