This is in relation to Mang Badoy’s ‘Challenges ni Papa God.’

This is ‘Challenges ni Papa God-My Version.’


The first time I heard the news from Mang Badoy, I was really saddened. Ryan (Mang Badoy’s real name, err, sorry for divulging the one hundred thousand dollar-worth information) was the reason I’m here in Kuala Lumpur. Our good old friend Scott and I visited him here last April 2008 and he brought us to the job fair in Midvalley Megamall (definitely not the ‘Megamall’ along EDSA), we passed our resume, and the rest lemme just say, was history.

We lived together for almost a month in his humble condo back then and had one of the best times of our lives. They say you will know the real attitude of a person once you live together with him. I say it’s true. Ryan has showed us nuthin’ but kindness and hospitality during our month long stay. That was when I’ve realized that I’m the luckiest person in the world. I have good friends who were not just supportive, but real as well.

Ryan is a year younger than I am but he’s more matured. I met him thru a common friend 9 years ago and we clicked instantly. Besides having the same first names (my name is Mark Ryan remember?), we share a lot of things in common. As crazy as it seems, we have this imaginary group of elite, handsome and powerful guys which consists of only two people, me and him. We cover each other’s asses if the need arises and give each other the compliments we love to hear. I would never give up our friendship because he knows too much.

‘Nuff of the compliments. Ryan could also be the biggest bastard sometimes. Of course, I just made up this part because I dun wanna think that he’ll be coming back to Manila soon because of what happened (what happened to him?again, read this). Now that I think about it, working in a foreign country for six long months, everything became easier and bearable because I have a trusted friend here in KL. He’s just a train (around thirty minutes) and a phone call away.

So why am I making this silly post? Because I know that I could never say this to him in person. We have our own share of dramas that could rival the soap operas in Philippine television, and that is enough. I know that he knows that the news surprised him and it also struck me big time. I never told him that I understand what he feels because it would be the biggest lie. Nobody could understand what anybody is feeling unless he’s under the same circumstances. I texted him last night before I slept, ‘Bro, I know you’ve got uncertainties right now. I prayed for you. I’m also very sad because of your news. St.Jude does miracles. God is good.’

Of course, I know that our friendship would not end here. And as much as I dun wanna admit it, I know the next months would be very different. My friend is such a multi-faceted individual who reached the standard I only set for people worthy of  my praise and trust. It’s sad that I won’t get to see him around here. It’s sad that there would be no Ryan who could listen to my triumphs, woes and plain self-patronizing stories. But then again, I know that he’s capable of maneuvering his life to its rightful destination that’s why I’m wishing him tons of luck and good times.

Mangbadoy, ‘Everything happens for a Reason,’ and you know that. Just stay positive because the Big Guy is definitely cooking something good for you. Everything happens and will happen, in His time.

‘When God leads you to an edge of a cliff trust Him fully and let go coz only one of two things may happen – either He will catch you when you fall or He will teach you how to fly.’




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