Ok this is long overdue. I was tagged again. This time, courtesy of Monmon and Khzr4u .

The Rule:  List the names that you are called by and name the people who call you by these names.

Toto – for some weird reasons, my mom calls me ‘Toto’  ot ‘To’ sometimes. I dunno why.

Pengken – short form of  ‘pamangkin.’ When mom and dad went to work abroad when i was young, lolo,lola and tita took care of me. Tita Baby is the only person who calls me this until now.

Tanda – I gave permission to only one person to call me this because it’s a slap-on-the-face reminder that I’m not getting any younger.haha. And that person is ‘bata.’

Mark – my past and present colleagues usually call me by this very common name. Since my dad’s name is Marcos, I was named after him. All of my brothers (except Don Vincent who was named after my two gramps — ‘Donato’ and ‘Vicente’) were also named after my dad— Marcos Jr, Marco Paulo and Marcus Joshua. I really believe that Mark is the male version of Maria. Both names could not stand alone. There’s often a second name  when your name is Mark or Maria.

Ryan – since the name Mark requires a second name proceeding it, my second name is Ryan. My mom gave it to me from her own name, Rosario. People who are really close to me call me by this name. My friends call me Mark. My bestfriends call me Ryan.

Mark Ryan – during my college days, I really got addicted listening to Monster radio RX 93.1. I used my full first names everytime I call the station and go on air. I was really the most active listener back then. I joined the contests, I called the deejays to vote for my favorite songs and I participated on their everyday gimmicks. One RX deejay, Sir Louie D.,  even told me that I was the ‘inevitable Mark Ryan’ because everybody knew and greeted me during their ‘Greetings Portion.’ I love using my full name because it makes me distinct from a sea of guys having ‘Mark’ as their first name. On the first day of my freshman year, my College classmate approached me and asked me, ‘Are you the Mark Ryan from RX 93.1?’ See…

Rye – I started using this when I was in College. Because I could not do anything with my very common first names, I used the shortened form of Ryan. This particularly started during our class presentation. My classmate and I hosted the event. Her nickname is ‘Durigh (read as Rai – long ‘i’ ).’ So we called ourselves ‘Righ and Rye.’

Pogi – my Tita Donna (mom’s sister) calls me by this name. When I ride the jeepney in Manila sometimes, the drivers tell me, ‘Pogi, sukli mo.’ But as I come to think of it, ‘pogi’ is a common, if the most common name  that these drivers call their guy passengers. And yeah, Geisha also calls me by this name.

Comel  (read as ‘chomel’) – this is a Malaysian term for, ehem, ‘cute.’ My colleague Hafiza calls me by this name and it really makes me smile everytime. Who wouldn’t be? haha. The only thing is that I am always referred to as ‘the cute one,’ not ‘the handsome one.’  I’ve read once that in some  places, cute means ‘not really ugly’ so I dunno if I will be happy to go to those places and be called ‘cute’ or ‘chomel.’

Flamindevil – I honestly dunno why I chose this name. I just thought it’s pretty kewl to have a devilish name and of course, being a devil means being hawt as flames. My blogosphere friends know that this is my alias. Some variations of this are ‘flamin’ (which technically makes my first name Flamin and my last name Devil) or ‘FD’ courtesy of Anak ng Pating and Pareng Dencios. 

It’s not really the names that people call you which make you distinct. It’s in the attitude. The trick is, try your best to leave a good mark and make a good impression for people to remember and cherish you forever.