1. I’ll be turning 7 months old here in Kuala Lumpur.

2. Mom and dad will be celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary on March 20.

3. I’m really excited to see my parents and my baby brother on April 11. They will be coming here for a two week vacation. That will also serve as my anniversary gift to Mom and Dad. I’m already planning our agenda from April 11 to 26. I’ve booked a hotel room in Genting.I’m also planning to bring them to Batu Caves and Twin Towers. Any suggestions Pareng Jorge?

4. Speaking of my baby brother, I was disheartened when I learned that the LCD of the 950 ringgit PSP that I gave him as a Christmas gift was busted. OMG. He’s really careless. He brought it to the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio and it was busted there. Need I say more?

5. It’s weird that some bloggers send me a message just to ask slash remind slash tell me that I haven’t had a new post yet. It’s weird but it makes me smile thinking that some of my blogosphere friends are waiting for what I will write next.

7. So far, some of the peeps in the blogosphere who are in my ym list are Anak ng Pating, Ms. Winkie, Paurong, Umleo, Mang Badoy Gandanghari and Monmon.Did I forget anybody? Anyway, feel free to add me because it really sucks being idle.

8. I am yet to do the Tag of Elyong and Ms. Winkie. Maybe on my next post. Maybe not.

9. I’m really getting lazy these days. I haven’t finished ‘Eclipse’ yet and it has been with me since like, ages. I prefer being a couch potato (does this term apply if I’m addicted to watching shows thru my laptop, anyone?). Who wouldn’t be if you’re always downloading the latest episodes of amazing race,survivor,the apprentice,dancing with the stars and american idol?

10. One blogger-friend told me that I’m vain. Well, I’m not. I just love myself so much. C’mon. We should all love ourselves, right?

11. I hope some people will know the proper usage of apostrophe. It’s a sore in the eye when they don’t.

12. After reading the news, it’s sad to find out that some government officials are the most loyal people that money can buy.

13. If you’re so into reading this entry, you will realize that random thought 6 is missing.

14. You will then scroll up to find out if number 6 is really missing.

15. You will smile or laugh or roll on the floor because I just guessed what you’ll be doing.