It’s all in the mind. I have been working in the dayshift for almost eight consecutive days now. Our shift runs for thirteen hours from 07:30am to 08:30pm. I worked from Monday to Thursday. I had a one day off last Friday.

Today is Sunday. One more day to go. I felt the stress since yesterday morning. I was really too lazy to go to work but luckily, I fought it. I dun wanna be like my colleagues who file Medical Leaves without valid reasons. I dare myself to be different.

If you can’t beat them, join them.
If I can’t beat them, then I’ll try again.

We have an unusual number of calls for the past few weeks. These clients who think calling our contact center everyday would complete their lives. Clients who get irate without any valid reason. Clients who do not want to listen. I really belive that I am the hotline for angry clients who could not be pacified easily. They made up almost 70% of my calls yesterday. I have already entertained the idea that there’s a voice prompt in our hotline which says, ‘If you are an angry and fussy customer, press 1.’ And I’m the person who answers that.

Customers are NOT always right but they have the right to be treated right.

I looked at the roster for tomorrow. Mondays are the busiest day in our contact center. Only three people will answer calls for the Singapore market–the two newbies and me. Dang. Majority of the calls will be routed to me again.

I’m excited though. Six days to go and I will see my parents and my baby brother Owa again. They will have a two week vacation here in KL. I’ve already planned what to do, where to go. I’m excited to wait in the airport and to see them after eight long months. Our operations manager already approved my leave from the 11th of April to the 26th.

I looked at the avaya phone. It has been fifteen minutes since I last received a call. I’m trying to release my stress through writing. So far, so good. It took me fifteen minutes to compose this. My brain cells are not working. I’m really getting slow. I’m really getting tired. It’s all in the mind.