Why does time lengthen the minutes when I wait and rush the hours when I enjoy the moment?

That was one of my questions in my 23-Jan-2009 entry, ‘Question Everything.’

Dad already went back to Manila last Sunday. He only filed leave for one week because he needed to spearhead an activity in their office. Owa and Mom will be going back to Manila on April 26. Their flight is at 07:20 hours so we need to be in the airport before 6:00 hours.

I’ve gained weight since they’re here. Dang. I brought them to the different places where we could eat and experience Malaysian cuisine. Mom also pampers me with her cooking almost everyday.

The following pictures were taken during our trip to Twin Towers and Batu Caves. I volunteered to be the photographer so they could enjoy the moment.






Mommy: (teasing) Ayan lahat ng gusto mo nasunod kay kuya ha. Spoiled ka talaga.

Owa: Kaw nga mommy nagpabili ng Mango bag eh.

(nobody wins an argument with Owa..haha)





For sure I’ll miss my family again.

On a positive note, I will be going home on June 29. I already filed my leave for nine days.