Well, after 10 years, I’m back. Haha. I’ve been very busy, err, ok I was kinda lazy to post a new entry. But it’s inevitable to miss the blogosphere and my blogosphere friends as well. So Rye is here again, Signing In…

I was tagged by Kuya Blu and as usual, I could not say no to him.
Eight Things I’m Looking Forward to

1. To be back in Manila for nine days in June
2. To see my family and friends again
3. To visit St.Jude Church in Mendiola
4. To sleep in my room in Pasig
5. To get my tax refund from IRB (Inland Revenue Board) of Malaysia
6. To celebrate my 1st year in Kuala Lumpur
7. To enjoy my work and still have a blast
8. To have a good rest always


Eight Things I Did Yesterday

1. It’s my off so I woke up late.
2. I also slept late.
3. Had a good sleep
4. Had a marathon of the tv shows I’ve downloaded
5. Did my laundry
6. Watched Maalaala Mo Kaya over watchpinoy.comΒ (‘Reseta’ Episode of Carmina and Jodi…dang it was good)
7. Bummed Around
8. Food Trip


Eight Things I Wish I Could Do

1. To be the center of everybody’s universe (haha)
2. To read other people’s minds
3. To fly
4. To be a contestant in ‘The Amazing Race’
5. To be the ‘Sole Survivor’
6. To have the guts to do bungee jumping
7. To be a good person inside out (naks!)
8. To be a Genie who could grant impossible wishes

bungee jumping

Eight Shows I Watch

1. Survivor (last episode I watched: Sierra voted off)
2. The Amazing Race (last episode I watched: Kisha and Jen eliminated)
3. The Apprentice (last episode I watched: Clint Black,Brande Roderick and Jesse James got fired)
4. The Apprentice UK (last episode I watched: Philip got fired)
5. American Idol (last episode I watched: Allison Iraheta was sent home)
6. Dancing With the Stars (last episode I watched: Chuck Wicks did not make it)
7. America’s Next Top Model (Celia was sent packing)
8. Make Me a Supermodel (Amanda could not be a Supermodel)


Eight People I Tag

1. Pareng Boni
2. Pareng Jorge
3. Umleo
4. Butterfly
5. Coolwaterworks
6. Dencios
7. Elyong
8. Redfieryheart

No Pressure Guys..Just do it the moment YOU read this! haha