No violent reactions on the tongue please...

No violent reactions on the tongue please...




It was one of the best news I’ve received yet. It was at par with what I felt when I finally booked a 150 RM (Malaysian Ringgits) round trip ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Manila over the Cebu Pacific Website (read this: it was only PHP 2094.15).


Ms. Ressie buzzed me thru ym yesterday. She told me that I was in the list of her ‘Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2009.’ I was really surprised and too lost for words. She also added that Reyna Elena included me in the list too. I was really surprised and too lost for words times two.

Being included in the elite list of these two bloggers, I felt pressured. But more than that, I realized that great power indeed comes with great responsibilty. Every writer is responsible with his readers. I dunno what they saw in my blog but I’m really glad that they saw that special thing which I don’t even see.

I started blogging in 19-Jan-2009, roughly four months ago. I was really homesick and did not know what to do during my spare time. I wanted to kill time by being productive. I did not have the internet connection and the laptop back then. It was really a challenge for me to start my own blog in the office during the night shift. So far, I’m really enjoying the experience. I write when I’m free. I am free to write without anybody judging me. I never considered hiding my identity because I also wanted to meet new friends in the blogosphere.

Writing has always been a hobby for me. Writing has been my refuge. Being recognized for something which I really enjoy doing is a blast. Inspiring people with what I’ve written, reading their positive comments and knowing that my blog’s ‘views per day’ is pretty consistent, I could not ask for more.

I’ve said time and again that ‘There is no coincidence in this world.’ Everything happens for a reason. I am working in KL for a reason. I am away from the comforts of home for a reason. I am living miles away from my family and friends for a reason. I am blogging for a reason. I was included in Ms. Reesie and Reyna Elena’s list for a reason.

I am a baby in the blogosphere. I know that I still have many things to learn before i could achieve the other bloggers’ status. Even though I am damn busy during the day shift, blog hopping has been one of my favorite past times. I enjoy reading other people’s writings. They also influence me in a way. I admire their drive to update their blogs as much as possible.

Again, Ms. Reesie and Reyna Elena, a million thanks.

Words could not describe how honored I am feeling right now.

With all these experiences, the friends I met in the blogosphere and the stories and writings which continue to inspire me everyday, whether I win or I lose, I won.