Pareng Otep should be jumping for joy because at last I’m doing an entry for his blog contest… (By the way, I would not be doing this if not for the cool t-shirt that he’s giving away..haha..kidding)


If I Were A Computer Keyboard :

-I would press CTRL S to save the fondest memories I’ve had. If that happens, I would
be able to see each and every event vividly whenever I want to.

-I would press CTRL F in order to save time in finding the items I need in the grocery. CTRL F also comes handy whenever I lose my things at home for some weird reasons.

-I would press copy/paste to create an exact image of the fanciest interior design.

-I would press caps lock to stand out in a crowd…to be recognized in a sea of faces.

-I would press backspace to take back the things I’ve said and prevent hurting other people’s feelings due to my tactlessness.

-I would press CTRL Home to get back to where I started.

-I would press Page Down to slowly see the future events which could affect me.

-I would press Page Up to slowly rewind my life and see my favorite episodes in life.

-I would press FN to tell people blunty that I’m done with them.

-I would press CTRL End to predict the future and make lots of money..haha.

If I Were A Computer Keyboard…but I’m not.


For this contest, there’s a special rule from Otep and I quote  ‘Ang sampung (10)blogger na makakatanggap ng may pinakamaraming comment [ (kasama ang tugon o sariling tugon (reply) ] sa nasabing post ang s’yang makakatanggap ng LLM T-Shirt.’ 

Please expect that I will reply to your comments as much as I can because I really need a new t-shirt. haha.