Last Sunday I attended mass in Masjid Jamek…Next week I’ll visit St.Jude in Mendiola.

The other day I saw my friends’ photos in Friendster…Next week I’ll upload my newly-taken photos with them.

The other day I ate in McDonald’s…Next week I’ll eat in Jollibee.

The other day I drank Teh Tarik Ice…Next week I’ll drink Gulaman at Sago, Emperador and San Mig Light.

Yesterday I saw Midvalley Megamall…Next week I’ll see SM Megamall.

Yesterday I rode the bus…Next week I’ll ride the jeepney.

Yesterday I watched shows on the internet…Next week I’ll hear about the Network Wars again.

Yesterday I talked to my parents over the phone…Next week I’ll talk to them personally.

Last night I prayed to Lola for her guidance…Next week I’ll visit her tomb and offer flowers for her.

Last night I prepared Mi Goreng…Next week I’ll have Sopas and Lugaw at Tokwa for my merienda.

Last night I slept in my room…Next week I’ll sleep in my room, in Pasig.

This morning I woke up in our apartment…Next week I’ll wake up in our home.

This morning I cooked my food…Next week mom will cook for me.

This morning I passed by Persiaran Komanwel…Next week I’ll pass by EDSA.

This morning I sang to myself while taking a bath…Next week I’ll use the videoke.

Today I saw Bukit Jalil Stadium…Next week I’ll see Araneta Coliseum.

Today I ate Nasi Lemak…Next week I’ll eat Embutido and Caldereta.

Today I saw my colleagues…Next week I’ll hang out with my closest friends and relatives.

Today I’ll hug my pillows while sleeping…Next Week I’ll hug my baby brothers.

Today I’m in Kuala Lumpur…Next week I’ll be in Manila!

And because Rye is in a very good mood today, I would like to share two of the reasons why I smiled this morning:


Β job