It’s like the night of my graduation. It’s like the day I went to Puerto Galera, Pagudpod, Anawangin Cove and Vigan. It’s like the time I passed the College Entrance Exam. It’s like the minute I found out that I was hired on my first job application. It’s like all the best times rolled into one.

I’m finally going home tomorrow morning. (Applause)

I’ve been waiting for this moment for the past ten months. I’ve prepared all my stuffs and I’m all set.

I wanted to rest and sleep but excitement gets the best of me. I know I would not be able to update my blog for around two weeks because I’ll be very busy doing monkey businesses spending time with my family and catching up with my friends.

Blogging has been helping me kill time and has taught me interesting things in the process.

Thank you to my blogosphere friends and the lurkers for taking time to drop by my humble site even if I may not be the best writer β€˜ere. Thank you for being my constant companion since January 2009. Being away from the comforts of home means being away from familiar faces, warmth and affection.

Thank you for affecting and inspiring me either through your support, beliefs, advice, opinions, wisdom, magic or entertainment.
Thank you for opening your hearts through your respective blogs. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from all of your posts. And dang, I’m excited to learn more.

Special thanks to some of the people who have been staying in touch with me through ym, entertaining me with their stories and craziness, and making my stay in Kuala Lumpur an enjoyable one.

There were times when I was really tired to update my blog site and keeping up with the pressure of writing. I’ve realized that the best thing about this is that I should not pressure myself. I just have to write whenever I want to and if ever I have time. There are no rules to follow. There are no deadlines to beat.

I’ll update this blog as soon as I return to KL. Until then, in the tradition of Rye, I just have to leave you with some of the photos I’ve taken before my trip back home.

all set