There. My nine-day vacation has finally ended. I enjoyed my short trip back to the AH1N1 infected Philippines. Haha. There’s really no place like home.

Nine days passed by in a jiffy. Before I knew it, I’m already on my way back to Kuala Lumpur.

It was not enough to squeeze in all the activities that I planned. Luckily, I was able to do most of them. I spent most of my time with my family. We dined out, watched movie, strolled in the mall and hang out. I met some really good friends, laughed like I never did for ten months, saw familiar faces, heard familiar voices, cracked old jokes and experienced tested bond.

I ate and pigged out on all the Pinoy foods I missed. Jollibee, puto, kutsinta, sisig, gulaman, zagu, longganisa, embutido, tortillos, choco mucho, clover bits, ding dong and the list goes on.

At the end of the day, I realized that I missed the foods but not more than I missed the company of people who genuinely care for me and who I really respect and adore in return. I also found time to visit two of my angels who are now in heaven, St. Jude in Mendiola and my late Lola. I owe them a lot. Their magic and guidance keep me going, and going, and going.

I was actually surprised when I did not feel sad on the day of my trip back to my second home in KL. I was even excited because I miss the serenity and the new found comfort that my room gives me.

I wondered why I felt that way. Maybe because I’ve already accepted the fact that nothing really lasts forever. Maybe because I realized that  the choice that I made to work abroad made me more mature and bolder in making decisions. Maybe because I am enjoying my independence and freedom. Or maybe because I’m just getting used to goodbyes?

mom dad rye

optimus prime

pau and owa

figaro in shang

samboy and ryelei and rye

Eloi, Roa and Scottst. jude

breakfasttop grill in jupiter st

it always ends with me

of course, it always ends with me