This company in KL badly neeeds a Proofreader…


Let’s take a closer look…


Huwwaaaaattttt? Don’t they even know how to spell Philippines correctly?

I mean, grammatical mistakes could be forgiven. But putting the name of our country on your brochures and misspell it…dang!


Off-topic: I watched ‘The People’s Farewell’ to THE Corazon Aquino yesterday and it was really sad. I was particularly touched with the eulogies of Mel Mamaril (Cory’s bodyguard) and Kris Aquino. However, a part of me wished that Mamaril just read a Tagalog eulogy. Nonetheless, it was really heartfelt. On the other hand, I loved how Kris said, ‘I’m sorry mom, I lied to you. Nagsinungaling ako when I told you na we would be okay. I did this because we wanted you to be free from all your pain at para hindi ka na mag-alala tungkol sa amin. Pero, mom, it would take a lifetime for us to be okay because we will forever miss you.’ And yes, Rye is not ashamed to admit that he cried again. hehe

To THE Cory Aquino, have a safe trip Madam. Thank you for showing us that you could be a leader and a good person at the same time.