1.You’re not in the mood for no particular reason?

2.You accidentally cut your finger with a razor? Clumsiness at its best.

3.You find it difficult to sleep after a tiresome night shift?

4.Youtube will be phasing out support for your browser in the office soon? Dang. Night shifts will definitely be very boring.youtube

5.You could not find a site to download the full episodes of ‘Fairly Odd Parents?’Anti-fairies are really strong nowadays.

6.Two of the shortest words in the English language are ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ and yet, they are often the ones that require most thought before they are spoken?

7.People around you create their own little drama of pure insecurity?

8.‘Nobody nobody bachu’ kept on playing in your head over and over and over again? (Please leave me alone!)

9.It’s hard to believe that it’s more important to be happy than to be right?

10.Dead end signs are really kinder than human? They at least have the decency to tell you that you’re going nowhere.

11.People believe you not for what you say but how you say it?

12.You keep on ruining the perfectly beautiful petals of the flower when you know from the start that she loves you not?

13.You’re vulnerable to believing lies?

14.Some people you consider friends left you without a glance?

15.You were very prepared with your photoshoot and then you realized afterwards that you forgot to set the right date on your digicam? For the record, these pics were taken on 14-Aug-2009.