I have not updated my blog for the longest time and I won’t apologize for that (grins). So what have I been doing for the past few days?

Sleep. Glorious sleep. Even superheroes need rest. I’ve taken advantage of my rest days to recharge before I continue my never-ending quest to conquer the world.sleep

Facebook. Yeah, I’m guilty prioritizing my farm in Farmville and taking care of my pet ‘Lingling’ in Pet Society. I’ve already reached Level 21 and there’s no stopping me. There are times when the first thing I think of when I wake up in the middle of the night is to harvest my crops. It’s making me crazy. And of course, I also keep myself busy by answering some quizzes and buying some friends to be my slave in Friends for Sale.

Gym. In a span of one month, I lost 12 lbs. Applause. Besides going to the gym, I also see to it that I don’t eat anything after 6pm as much as I can. But don’t expect me to have a Survivor-worthy body. I just wanted to lose some excess weight to prepare myself for the Mossimo Bikini Summit. hahaha

SP2Tagalog Shows. Boys Over Flowers has just ended last week. At first I thought the list of the shows that I usually watch will shorten but boy, I was wrong! The ever-beautiful, lovely, sexy, perfect Marian Rivera’s ‘Darna’ already started. ‘Survivor Philippines 2-Palau’ has also started to grace the boob tube (in my case, the
Filipino streaming sites) with a bang. The newest edition of ‘Starstruck’ will
be shown on Monday, and the list goes on.

haunting-in-connecticutMovies and TV Shows. I never fail to download the weekly episodes of Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen. These two almost have the same format. Almost. Except the latter is more devious because of Chef Gordon Ramsay. Horror-Suspense Films also kept me glued to my laptop. Some films which are worth-mentioning are ‘The Haunting in Connecticut,’ ‘Orphan,’ ‘The Last House on the Left’ and ‘Friday the 13th.’

Jobstreet. I can’t help it. I’m doing the inevitable. During my spare time, I see to it that I submit my CV and try my luck. There’s no harm in trying anyway. Luckily, our ever-friendly IT’s have not blocked Jobstreet, yet. Yeah, I’ve considered applying in some companies in Manila. If the price is right, then why not?

keychainPasalubong. I’m doing some last-minute pasalubong for my family and friends. I’m going home next week for a long vacation. Seven days. And yup, I have yet to buy some keychains and chocolates which I promised to give to some people on September 4.


Off-Topic: I received an sms from one of my dearest blogger-friends, RevSiopao and I quote ‘Pls save the dates:Dec 7-Priestly Ordination, 9am, St.Joseph Cathedral Balanga, Bataan/ Dec8-First Mass, 7pm, St.John the Baptist Parish, Pinaglabanan,
San Juan, MM.’

To RevSiopao, I’m really happy with the good news. Everybody in the blogosphere
misses you. Keep rocking on and continue inspiring us. God bless you.

I would also like to thank another blogosphere friend, Pareng Otep, for the picture
below that he did for me. Don’t forget to bring my shirt on September 4 because I
would not be wearing one. rye 8x8