Surprisingly, I’m in the mood for blogging. I’ve just finished visiting some of the blog sites I frequent. As usual, some posts inspired me, some made me laugh like crazy, some taught me new things. Learning possibilities in the blogosphere are really endless.

Last night was my third night shift. I’ll be working for four consecutive thirteen-hour night shifts. One night to go. Surprisingly, it’s already 06:00 am and I do not feel sleepy yet.

It’s supposed to be a busy night due to an ongoing travel fair in Singapore and our contact center is the support for the event. Surprisingly, I only had three calls during my thirteen-hour shift. Applause.

I just finished ‘Coming Soon,’ a Thai Horror movie. My Thai colleague/housemate Krist (I call him ‘Pi,’ which means ‘big brother’ or ‘kuya‘) recommended the film. Surprisingly, it was dang crappy. It made the Star Cinema movie ‘Villa Estrella’ (one of the campiest horror movies to date) a superb one. coming soon

I’m wearing a bonnet and a scarf right now because it is freaking cold in our contact center. Surprisingly, I’m still freezing.

I made a list of what I have to accomplish today. I’ll reach my apartment before 09:00 am. I have to sleep only until 01:00 pm. After waking up, I have to prepare and take a forty minute train ride in going to LBC where I usually send money. By 03:00 pm, I have to be in Lowyatt (a place where computer stuffs could be found. It’s KL’s version of Greenhills) already. It’s aΒ thirty minute travel from LBC to Lowyatt. I’m planning to purchase an external hard drive so that I could transfer all the movies and porns I downloaded because my laptop is running out of memory. I’m also planning to buy a laptop bag (backpack style) so that it would be easier for me to travel back to Manila on Thursday night. Before 06:00 pm today, I would have to be on my way back in order to go straight to the office for another night shift. It’s really a hectic day. Surprisingly, I’m excited.hard drive

I’ll be back in Manila on Friday. The Cebu Pacific Flight will arrive at 05:00 am. Yeah, it’s only a seven-day vacation but I promise to make the most out of it. Surprisingly, I’m not thinking about the quantity but the quality of my trip back home.

Manila, here I come!cebupacific