1. I celebrated my birthday in KL last year. Words could not describe how lonely I felt. It was the first time I celebrated it away from my family and friends. I haven’t had many friends in this foreign country yet during that time. I told myself that it would never happen again. So four months ago, I booked a return flight from KL to Manila. My dream is finally coming true. I’ll be in the comforts of our home on my birthday.

Two days ago, I called my mom. I still haven’t told them that I’d be going home on September 4. I want to give them the best surprise yet. I told her that I sent a package which will be delivered on Friday morning. Mom was very happy. She said that they would not be there to get it though. Dad already left to spearhead an activity for their office in Baguio. Mommy and Owa will follow him on Friday morning. I told her do not leave until the very cute package arrives. 

Now who’s surprised?

2. Months ago, while Kuya Bluguy and I were chatting, he mentioned to me that he’ll be coming back to the Philippines. When he found out that I also have plans to return this September, we thought of having a mini eb (eyeball) with some of our blogger friends. And now it’s finally coming true. I bet all of us are excited to meet the faces behind the names.


3. I received a confirmation email from Philippine Blog Awards. It is really a humbling experience to be an official nominee and to compete with the best blogs in the blogosphere. This is really one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever received. I have to thank Otep because he was the one who nominated my blog.

I started this mediocre blog on January 19, 2009 to literally kill time. I’ve also mentioned again and again that I am a frustrated writer. This nomination is just a confirmation that inexperienced writers like me could also make it. This is just a personal blog. I know i don’t write perfectly. I’m scared when I started this. I sometimes get confused on what to write. I’m insecure about some things but I definitely know who I am. There are no impossible things for people who believe that they can. And so my header says, ‘If I Can, I Will because I’m GOOD at it!’

 ***I’ll be back in Manila for seven days so I would not be able to open my blogsite religiously. Rest assured, all comments, suggestions and violent reactions are noted.