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I have been a call center hopper before. Since it’s pretty easy to jump from one call center company to another when I was still in Manila, I made the most out of it. My first company catered for outbound clients. I stayed there for five months. After I bought a fridge for my parents as a Christmas gift in the year 2003, I resigned. A string of applications and resignations followed after that. The rest, as they say, was history. Now I am here in Kuala Lumpur working my ass off.I sometimes feel that I am very tired to go to work. I sometimes feel like laziness has gotten the best of me. But I’m proud to say though, that I have never been tardy since I started working here in August 2008. Being abroad helps me mature fast. As what I’ve said before, I’m already starting to learn how to look at the bigger picture in making decisions.  Though physically I still look young and cute maybe because of my height, wow I’m ageless according to my peers, mentally and emotionally I’ve matured. I dun have a choice anyway. Being away from my comfort zone, I realized that I can’t depend on anybody but myself. At least I can’t blame anybody and I’ve prepared myself to the consequences that my decisions will bring. I firmly believe that if I felt good about something I did as long as I did not do anything to aggravate anybody, it’s absolutely right. I realized that I’m one of the luckiest people in the world because I’m working abroad despite of the current global crisis. Countless people lose their jobs everyday and I’m not one of them. Though I have clients who can really be a pain in the ass sometimes, at least I still have clients who appreciate what I do for them. A simple ‘thank you’ could really make the day of a call center agent. Yeah, we are sometimes bombarded with information overload, but it’s better than staying at home and earning nothing. Thank God I am a PINOY and I’m very proud of it. The work ethics which was instilled in me through my previous jobs could really save the day. Some of my colleagues are really, really, really, err, lazy. They call in sick and report for work thirty minutes after the shift started. I’m glad that call centers in Manila are really strict in terms of attendance and performance.Even if I am dead tired everytime I go home, I always see to it that my company would feel lucky because they have a Filipino employee in their center. Besides being the hope for the nation, Filipinos are gift to the world. We know how and when to be patient. We know when to keep our mouths shut and when to explain our sides in a courteous way. I was easy-go-lucky before…This Time I’ll Make It Right.

I have failed many times in this crazy thing called ‘love.’ I’ve been bruised, damaged, hurt and my ego was shattered with and without my consent. Now I’ve learned that if I have to love again, it is because I want to, not because I have to. Love was the reason why I felt empty. Love was the one that made my tears fall as if I was dying. Love broke my heart and stopped my breath. I used to think that love was not great because it’s a gentle death. I’m too tired to play games. Now I realized that in relationships, it is impossible to find someone who will never hurt you. So I’ll go for the one who makes all the pain worth it. I’m positive that I will find that someone soon. I’m still weighing the pros and cons though. I hope as soon as I get to my senses, I would be ready to love again and I promise myself…This Time I’ll Make It Right.

I am nowhere near perfect. I eat when I’m bored. I’m vulnerable to believing lies. I’m hoping that one day I won’t need a fake smile. I live by quotes that explain exactly what I’m going through. I make up excuses for everything. I have true friends and critics. I have good memories and a share of dramas. I really appreciate it that there are many people (if I say ‘many,’ I mean it) who love the imperfect me unconditionally. They are the reason why giving up has never been an option for me.And because of them…This Time I’ll Make It Right.

Smile. It makes a world of difference. Dance. Who knows when I won’t be able to? Cry. Holding the emotions inside is bad for me. Kiss. It’s the most wonderful thing in this world. Laugh. What’s the point of hiding my happiness?Frown. Why not let them know that I’m unhappy? Apologize. I dun wanna lose friends. Hug. There’s no better feeling than being wrapped up close to someone I love. Live. Because life is everything. Pray. For God’s guidance and to be an inspiration to others. Be positive.  That This Time I could really Make It Right!