Survivor 22: Redemption Island

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11 years and 22 seasons later, my heart still beats faster than normal every time I watch Survivor. It still feels like the first time. I really am the biggest Survivor fan I’ve ever known. Survivor won’t be called ‘The Mother of All Reality Shows’ for nothing. If the first episode of Survivor 22:Redemption Island was an indication of what’s in store for the viewers for the whole season, this may be one of the best installments ever-produced! Go Boston Rob! 🙂



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I was having second thoughts before I started downloading this. For one, the show is about a high school glee club and you might react as I did initially: I wanted no part of that. I’m not a musicals kinda guy.

I have to admit, however, that no matter what you’ve been led to believe, Glee is not a straight-to-your-face musical.   It’s just a show that happens to be about people who sing, and there’s a big difference.  People in Glee don’t, for a start, just break out into song randomly and sing their way through their day.  They sing in Glee club.

Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) is a high school Spanish teacher who takes over a pathetic glee club filled with misfits. He is inspired by recalling the one time he was truly happy — when he sang in his own high school glee club. In a healthy way, he’s going to channel his nostalgia into making the club, called New Directions, glow:  ‘There’s no joy in these kids…. That’s why they all have a MySpace page,’ he says.

This comedy from creator Ryan Murhy (Nip/Tuck) is so good, so funny, so bulging with vibrant characters—that you would actually love it. Glee will not stop until it wins you over utterly.

The show rests on characters so overused that it could have been cliche figures, but these actors bring fresh details to them.  Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), the persecuted girl who is so determined to become famous and so convinced of her talent (to which she says, ‘Being anonymous is worse than being poor’); Finn (Cory Monteith), the football quarterback with a voice fit for an ’80s power ballad; Mercedes (Amber Riley), the plus-size diva who believes that she should not be a back-up singer because ‘she is Beyonce, and she ain’t no Kelly Rowlands;’ Kurt (Chris Colfer), the gay guy; Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), a stutterer whose affliction conveniently disappears when she sings; Artie, a spectacled, guitar-wielding geek in a wheelchair; and of course, the ever-brilliant Jane Lynch (as cheerleading coach Sue), the queen of deadpan delivery (‘You wanna be good. You wanna be a star. Face it, you wanna be me.’)
In a nutshell, Glee is all about sparking ambition, getting kids off the sofa and doing creative things. But it also has a healthy dose of sarcasm and skepticism to offset its peppy interpretations of Journey hits. The production numbers show the sweat and constructive criticism that goes into good performances.

However we look at it, Glee is still the little musical-comedy-drama that could…bomb. As terrific as it is, it’s a risk. Why? Because there’s nothing else like it on TV. So far, in the first three episodes, the show has given us its own renditions of popular songs like Rehab (Amy Winehouse), Mercy (Duffy) and Take a Bow (Rihanna).

Honestly, I was persuaded by Glee’s cagey little mind as well as its big, throbbing heart. I think you will be too.


No Apologies

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I have not updated my blog for the longest time and I won’t apologize for that (grins). So what have I been doing for the past few days?

Sleep. Glorious sleep. Even superheroes need rest. I’ve taken advantage of my rest days to recharge before I continue my never-ending quest to conquer the world.sleep

Facebook. Yeah, I’m guilty prioritizing my farm in Farmville and taking care of my pet ‘Lingling’ in Pet Society. I’ve already reached Level 21 and there’s no stopping me. There are times when the first thing I think of when I wake up in the middle of the night is to harvest my crops. It’s making me crazy. And of course, I also keep myself busy by answering some quizzes and buying some friends to be my slave in Friends for Sale.

Gym. In a span of one month, I lost 12 lbs. Applause. Besides going to the gym, I also see to it that I don’t eat anything after 6pm as much as I can. But don’t expect me to have a Survivor-worthy body. I just wanted to lose some excess weight to prepare myself for the Mossimo Bikini Summit. hahaha

SP2Tagalog Shows. Boys Over Flowers has just ended last week. At first I thought the list of the shows that I usually watch will shorten but boy, I was wrong! The ever-beautiful, lovely, sexy, perfect Marian Rivera’s ‘Darna’ already started. ‘Survivor Philippines 2-Palau’ has also started to grace the boob tube (in my case, the
Filipino streaming sites) with a bang. The newest edition of ‘Starstruck’ will
be shown on Monday, and the list goes on.

haunting-in-connecticutMovies and TV Shows. I never fail to download the weekly episodes of Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen. These two almost have the same format. Almost. Except the latter is more devious because of Chef Gordon Ramsay. Horror-Suspense Films also kept me glued to my laptop. Some films which are worth-mentioning are ‘The Haunting in Connecticut,’ ‘Orphan,’ ‘The Last House on the Left’ and ‘Friday the 13th.’

Jobstreet. I can’t help it. I’m doing the inevitable. During my spare time, I see to it that I submit my CV and try my luck. There’s no harm in trying anyway. Luckily, our ever-friendly IT’s have not blocked Jobstreet, yet. Yeah, I’ve considered applying in some companies in Manila. If the price is right, then why not?

keychainPasalubong. I’m doing some last-minute pasalubong for my family and friends. I’m going home next week for a long vacation. Seven days. And yup, I have yet to buy some keychains and chocolates which I promised to give to some people on September 4.


Off-Topic: I received an sms from one of my dearest blogger-friends, RevSiopao and I quote ‘Pls save the dates:Dec 7-Priestly Ordination, 9am, St.Joseph Cathedral Balanga, Bataan/ Dec8-First Mass, 7pm, St.John the Baptist Parish, Pinaglabanan,
San Juan, MM.’

To RevSiopao, I’m really happy with the good news. Everybody in the blogosphere
misses you. Keep rocking on and continue inspiring us. God bless you.

I would also like to thank another blogosphere friend, Pareng Otep, for the picture
below that he did for me. Don’t forget to bring my shirt on September 4 because I
would not be wearing one. rye 8x8


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Well, after 10 years, I’m back. Haha. I’ve been very busy, err, ok I was kinda lazy to post a new entry. But it’s inevitable to miss the blogosphere and my blogosphere friends as well. So Rye is here again, Signing In…

I was tagged by Kuya Blu and as usual, I could not say no to him.
Eight Things I’m Looking Forward to

1. To be back in Manila for nine days in June
2. To see my family and friends again
3. To visit St.Jude Church in Mendiola
4. To sleep in my room in Pasig
5. To get my tax refund from IRB (Inland Revenue Board) of Malaysia
6. To celebrate my 1st year in Kuala Lumpur
7. To enjoy my work and still have a blast
8. To have a good rest always


Eight Things I Did Yesterday

1. It’s my off so I woke up late.
2. I also slept late.
3. Had a good sleep
4. Had a marathon of the tv shows I’ve downloaded
5. Did my laundry
6. Watched Maalaala Mo Kaya over (‘Reseta’ Episode of Carmina and Jodi…dang it was good)
7. Bummed Around
8. Food Trip


Eight Things I Wish I Could Do

1. To be the center of everybody’s universe (haha)
2. To read other people’s minds
3. To fly
4. To be a contestant in ‘The Amazing Race’
5. To be the ‘Sole Survivor’
6. To have the guts to do bungee jumping
7. To be a good person inside out (naks!)
8. To be a Genie who could grant impossible wishes

bungee jumping

Eight Shows I Watch

1. Survivor (last episode I watched: Sierra voted off)
2. The Amazing Race (last episode I watched: Kisha and Jen eliminated)
3. The Apprentice (last episode I watched: Clint Black,Brande Roderick and Jesse James got fired)
4. The Apprentice UK (last episode I watched: Philip got fired)
5. American Idol (last episode I watched: Allison Iraheta was sent home)
6. Dancing With the Stars (last episode I watched: Chuck Wicks did not make it)
7. America’s Next Top Model (Celia was sent packing)
8. Make Me a Supermodel (Amanda could not be a Supermodel)


Eight People I Tag

1. Pareng Boni
2. Pareng Jorge
3. Umleo
4. Butterfly
5. Coolwaterworks
6. Dencios
7. Elyong
8. Redfieryheart

No Pressure Guys..Just do it the moment YOU read this! haha

It All Ends With Me

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Although life can be the biggest bitch sometimes, it also makes me wonder and realize that everything in this world is interrelated, be it showbiz, religion, sports or politics. You don’t believe me, do you? Well, here it goes…

Ninoy Aquino who is the husband of Cory Aquino who was a popular figure in the Edsa Revolution together with the late Jaime Cardinal Sin and June Keithley who is the wife of Angelo Castro who is the father of Diego Castro who was the lover of Raven Villanueva who was a contemporary of Onemig Bondoc who was the boyfriend of Bianca Lapus who was the girlfriend of Vhong Navarro who is a friend of John Pratts who was the love team of Heart Evangelista who is a relative of Happy Ongpauco who had a drift with Aiko Melendez who was the girlfriend of Aga Muhlach who is the father of Janice de Belen’s son Igi Boy who is the nephew of Gelli de Belen who is the bestfriend of Carmina Villaroel who was the wife of Bebe Gandanghari who is the brother/sister of Robin Padilla who was linked to Kris Aquino who is the cohost of Boy Abunda who was aggravated by Vicki Belo who was the girlfriend of Hayden Kho who had an affair with Katrina Halili who was the FHM sexiest woman like Marian Rivera who is under the same manager with Dennis Trillo who starred in Pamahiin like Paolo Contis who was a former childstar like Aiza Seguerra who is close to Vic Sotto who is the brother of Tito Sotto who is the husband of Helen Gamboa who is the aunt of Sharon Cuneta who is the wife of Kiko Pangilinan who is a senator like Jinggoy Estrada who is the bestfriend of the late Rudy Fernandez who is the husband of Lorna Tolentino who is the stepmom of Mark Anthony Fernadez who was a Gwaping member like Eric Fructuoso who was the boyfriend of Priscilla Almeda who was a former sexy star like Rosanna Roces who is the enemy of Lolit Solis who is the manager of Mark Herras who was the boyfriend of Jennylyn Mercado who was the girlfriend of Patrick Garcia who is the brother of Chesca Carcia who is the wife of cager Doug Kramer who plays in PBA like James Yap who is the stepfather of Josh who is the son of Philip Salvador who is a friend of Bong Revilla who is the husband of Lani Mercado who hosted Moms with Manilyn Reynes who was the girlfriend of Janno Gibbs who is the husband of Bing Loyzaga who hosted Brunch with Michelle Van Eimeren who was the wife of Ogie Alcasid who is the boyfriend of Regine Velasquez who starred in a movie with Piolo Pascual who was the loveteam of Judy Ann Santos who was the loveteam of Wowie de Guzman who was a dancer like Dingdong Dantes who was the boyfriend of Karylle who is the daughter of Zsa Zsa Padilla who is the wife of Dolphy who is the father of Vandolph who is the brother of Eric Quizon who directed Darna which starred Angel Locsin who was the girlfriend of Oyo Boy Sotto who is the son of Dina Bonnevie who was a contemporary of Maricel Soriano who is the bestfriend of Roderick Paulate who is the bestfriend of Vilma Santos who is the mother of Luis Manzano who starred opposite Anne Curtis who was the girlfriend of Sam Milby who was a PBB housemate like Uma Khouny who is a special friend of Paolo Ballesteros who is an Eat Bulaga host like Julia Clarete who was the loveteam of Jericho Rosales who was the loveteam of Kristine Hermosa who was the wife of Diether Ocampo who was a member of The Hunks like Bernard Palanca who is the brother of Miko Palanca who was the boyfriend of Bea Alonzo whom I have worked with when I had a practicum in College.

It all ends with me.

Creative Pinoy

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Filipinos are really creative. There’s no doubt about it. Some of the popular international celebrities have Filipino blood (as if you dunno about it) like of the Black Eyed Peas, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, Mutya Buena of (the former) Sugababes and Enrique Iglesias. In addition, Arnel Pineda of the rock band Journey and Charice Pempengco (her mentor, David Foster, wants her to be known as ‘Charice’) are also fast becoming international sensations. 

My friends (from L-R) Nicole, Enrique and Mutya.
My friends (from L-R) Nicole, Enrique and Mutya.




When I was still in Manila, I’ve also seen different proofs that Filipinos are one of the most creative, if not the most creative, people on earth.


  1. There’s a barber shop in Quezon City named after the popular feline – ‘Felix the Cut.’
  2. In Mandaluyong, don’t curse when you see this computer shop – ‘Hack You.’
  3. In Pasig, there’s a grill store which can teach children how to count – ‘Ihawan, Two, Three.’
  4. Many years ago, we went to our friend’s house in Manila. The owner put up an eatery which may be inspired by Parokya Ni Edgar’s hit song – ‘Cooking ng Ina Mo.’
  5. A few months later, because that became an instant hit, we saw a new eatery on the other street – ‘Cooking ng Ina Mo Rin.’
  6. Flower shops named ‘Petal Attraction’ (near UP) and ‘Susan’s Roses’; video rental stores like Mastervision’ (it’s not what you think) and ‘Leon King’ (in Las Pinas); and shops named after famous celebrities like ‘Elizabeth Tailoring’ and ‘Doris Day and Night’ (24 hour eatery) also deserve citations.


Parents also show creativity in giving names to their kids.


  1. The name of my College friend is ‘Gay Morte’ – ‘gay’ means happy, ‘morte’ is an Italian word for death. Her name simply means ‘dying happily.’ Cool.
  2. My friend introduced me to his colleague before. Her name is ‘Ma. Ligaya D. Galit.’ If you read it fast, it’s like ‘Maligaya ‘Di Galit’. Applause.
  3. My cousin and his peers were always making fun of their classmate’s name – Conrado Domingo. By the way, they call him ‘Condom.’


Television commercials and jingles are also proofs that our country’s advertising agencies are forces to reckon with.


  1. Who will forget the Seiko Wallet Jingle? – (Ready…Sing) ‘Seiko, Seiko wallet. Ang wallet na maswerte. Balat nito ay genuine. International pa ang mga design. Ang wallet na maswerte. Seiko, Seiko wallet. Seiko, Seiko wallet. (voice over) Seiko Wallet. Ang wallet na maswerte!
  2. ‘Sunny Orange I Love you. Lemon, grape and strawberry…
  3. Of course, the ever-famous Jollibee jingle for kids who wished that it’s already Saturday. ‘I love you Sabado. Pati na rin Linggo. Hintay ka lang Jollibee nandyan na ko. Panlasang Pilipino. At home sa Jollibee.’



Some of the famous commercial taglines also make us nostalgic. Personally, they remind me of my childhood.


  1. Two boys who have been neighbors and best friends for the longest time were saying goodbye to each other while eating Selecta Ice Cream. When it was time to say goodbye, the first boy asked, ‘Sino’ng best friend mo duon?’ The other one replied, ‘Syempre ikaw lang!’
  2. A son called his father in the province to inform him that he’ll shift his course in this PLDT commercial. The father’s heart-warming reply on his son’s decision: ‘Kung san ka masaya, eh di suportahan ta ka.’
  3. In this Mc Donald’s commercial, Karen found out that she’s her lolo’s favorite apo (poor Gina).


And of course our local fortune tellers have their own shares of creativity for a thirty-second of fame. One of them is this infamous lady.


  1. During the 1994 Miss Universe pageant in Manila, Ms. Venezuela was one of the most-popular candidates. Madame Rosa was asked to give her prediction on who will win. She said, ‘V will be the winner.’ But then Ms. India won. The press told her that her prediction was wrong. Madame Rosa said in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone, “I was right. V for Vumvai.’


Filipinos are creative by nature. Mary Lou Cook once said, ‘Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.’





No Coincidence

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I’m currently watching the 1st episode of Charmed’s season 4.I wanted to watch the last episode of Season 3–’All Hell Breaks Loose’ but I couldn’t. I could not stand to see Prue being killed by the demon ‘Shax’–-again.
The Halliwell Sisters

The Halliwell Sisters

Charmed was a reminder of my good old college days. It was shown over Studio 23 every Monday at 9:00 pm. Though I wanted to do it religiously, I was not able to watch all the episodes because I had a night class back then. My class started at 12:00 pm and ended at 09:00 pm. Besides always being caught in the traffic jam, our professor in the last subject usually dismissed us a few minutes past 09:00 pm. It’s pointless anyway.  I still have to travel from Manila to Pasig and it was torture at its best.
That’s why before I flew to KL, I bought the complete dvd from seasons 1 to 8 from the ever reliable place in the Philippines–Quiapo.
Back to Charmed, these sisters have been my constant companion since I came here last August 17, 2008. Now I would not miss a single episode and I can replay all of my favorite episodes as long as I want. If there is one thing that I’ve learned from Aaron Spelling’s production, it was the saying ‘There is no coincidence in this world.’ Everything really happens for a reason.
When I went to Masjid Jamek last Sunday to attend the Sunday mass, I realized that I am here in Malaysia for a reason. I’ve been wanting to do this my entire life–to try my independence. Who knows what could happen? Nobody…not even the Halliwells.And I would not dare create a spell to look into the future to see what will it be. For now, I should just enjoy the experience and meet new friends…until the next season of my life unfolds.
I was inspired by the layout of the picture of the Halliwell Sisters above. Just thought they need a goodlooking guy to compliment them.haha. Kidding.

I was inspired by the layout of the picture of the Halliwell Sisters above. Just thought they need a goodlooking guy to compliment them.haha. Kidding.

I wanted to end this post with a few lines from a popular song. ‘Que Sera Sera’ came to my mind but I dun wana use it…c’mon the song is kinda old.haha. I’ll just use the lines from Avril Lavigne’s song instead, ‘Who Knows?’
‘Who knows what could happen
Do what you do
Just keep on laughing
One thing’s true
There’s always a brand new day
I’m gonna live today like it’s my last day’

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