Until the Month of May

29 mga puna


I never felt this something new

It only came after a few

Across this breeze of morning dew

Is the smile you’ve brought to me anew


For someone who called me HUBBY

I suppose it’s not me – your new hobby

The day we started this made my life bubbly

But we just have to end it with the word – SORRY


Yes, it’s you who started my day right

But the coldness we felt that night

After those goodbyes, seeing you out of my sight

It dimmed all the stars that were so bright


So why don’t I stop now?

Why don’t I take a bow?

I’ll try to sing through songs

Things that time could not describe

No matter how long


So let’s not talk, let’s not say

We know who we are

Yet, we dunno the way

And if that is enuf

To keep fate from asking us to pay


Then I’ll stay beside you

Until the month of May

This is all I have to say

Until the month of May



The Valentine Scrooge

53 mga puna


It’s February again, lovers will celebrate

Hoping everything will be on their side, even fate

Chocolates will be a fad

Flowers will be in demand

Lovers will rejoice

But not the Valentine Scrooge


Love is in the air

Celebrations are  everywhere

Partners will be extra sweet

It will be obvious on the streets

Lovers will rejoice

But not the Valentine Scrooge


People stay positive

In love, they still put their beliefs

Love will conquer everything

Is this a wishful thinking?

Lovers will rejoice

But not the Valentine Scrooge


Fairytales start with ‘once upon a time’

And ends with ‘they live happily ever after’

But it’s an infamous line

For someone who’s been left behind

The Valentine Scrooge ‘lived happily ever after’

Once upon his clueless time


Is the Valentine Scrooge too ugly?

Does anybody thinks he’s lovely?

He won’t dress up to the nines

Just to hear creative lies

He makes poems and sings love songs

He’s been waiting for so long


The Valentine Scrooge does not need to be in love

But admits that he sometimes sobs

He believes that nuthin’ lasts forever

Love will just make him sober

For when love gets out of hand

It is mistaken for somethin’ grand


This person once said,

‘Love is an excuse for people to get laid’

Is it too late?

Will he shy away forever from this date?

For the record, he doesn’t hate

But being alone is the Valentine Scrooge’s fate

Gong Xi Fa Cai

19 mga puna

oxI woke up late and rushed for work.

When I stepped out, I was too lost for words.

Everything has changed, it really felt weird.

This was what I hated, this was what I feared.


I saw a giant rat running like hell.

I didn’t know what it was about, nobody dared tell.

Somebody approached me and said, ‘Its time was up!’

‘There’s nothing we could do for this commotion to stop.’


Then suddenly, I heard a loud noise.

A big animal stood, I expected for the worse.

The crowd was not afraid; they just watched it in awe.

They actually celebrated; I could not believe what I saw.


The people cheered and looked satisfied.

I didn’t know how to react, no one’s by my side.

A Chinese woman approached the animal and said,

‘Year of the rat has ended; your year has finally started.’


I suddenly woke up because my clock alarmed.

I realized it was just a dream, too bad I was not warned.

Today is the 26th of January, it’s Chinese New Year.

I was caught off guard, there’s nothing to fear.


And so I woke up on time and didn’t rush for work.

I just stepped out and was not lost for words.

Nothing has changed, everybody was celebrating.

‘Gong Xi Fa Cai,’ it’s what they’re saying.